Available space

STARTER is a modern, class A , office block with 6,500 m2 of the useable area. The commercial offer includes offices for the business activity, situated on the third, fourth and ground floor.
Currently on offer is a local service and office of 67 m2, located on the ground floor of the building. We also offer units with an area of 25 m2. Since December will be available on the third floor area of 340 m2, which consists of two modules of 170 m2.

Available space:

25 m2 – office

67 m2 commercial unit located on the ground floor

170 m2open space

There is a possibility to join modules or to create an area specially designated for tenant’s needs!

What makes us different?

  • office space from 20 m2

  • no add-on factor

  • flexible termsof lease term

  • fully equipped meeting areas and social areas

  • access to areas for relaxation

  • lockers and showers for cyclists

  • Conference and training rooms
    and innovative CRAZY ROOM

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